Title FISHER homestead shower stall



My daughter came home from college complaining about the state of the bathroom shower stall. Granted, she had a point - it was dark and in need of a facelift. Mosaic artist to the rescue, here it is DONE!! (By the way, it feels really cool underfoot!)

Materials vitreous glass, unglazed ceramic
Size 38"w x 36"h floor, 36"w x 84"h per vertical side
Location Buckland, MA




Title Whirlpool floor and backsplash



A shower stall floor, I love this mosaic! The choice of warm palette colors to represent water was a nice change of pace. Here is an example of the "perfect" commission for me, as the clients gave a very basic idea of what they wanted, then let me do the rest. It was a fun project to work on, the colors are really engaging.

Materials vitreous glass, mirror and unglazed ceramic
Size 48"w x 36"h
Price commission, Buckland, MA



Title Ben's Floor



These mosaics were designed to relate to the wall covering in the bathroom, which is ripped pieces of overlapping brown paper and really striking. I overlapped sections of mosaic squares to pick up on the overlap concept.

Materials unglazed porcelain
Size floor - approx 3 1/2' wide x 10' long, strip 4" x 10'
Price commission, Conway, MA




Title Bluebird Bathroom Backsplash



A bluebird on an apple blossom limb, perfect for the owners of an apple orchard!

Materials vitreous and ceramic mosaic on backerboard
Size 31" x 9"
Price commission, Deerfield, MA

Title Bathroom mirror/surround



A dove is the centerpiece of this bathroom mosaic, with smaller motifs of hearts, leaves, stars etc. to match the decor in the rest of the room. My apologies, not the greatest shot here.

Materials vitreous glass on backerboard
Size 28" x 38", side panels 18" x 6"
Price commission, Ashfield, MA

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